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EDGEWOOD Inpatient Treatment and Detox

Inpatient Treatment has more success than other treatment programs. 

Drug addictions and other addictions are serious, persistent and challenging. But, so are we. Our strengths lie in the quality of our patient care and the length of our 'open-ended' program.

    "What do you mean, 'open-ended?' "
'Open-ended' means you work a personalized rehab program at your own rate. Some people take less time. Others take more. It all depends on you. The average length of stay is typically between 7-8 weeks.

Inpatient Treatment for Addiction Includes:

  • On-site clinical detox for:
    • Drug addictions like alcohol, cocaine, or heroin
    • Process addictions like gambling or sex addiction and eating disorders
  • Specialized treatment for hidden problems
  • Personalized care programs
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Supervised physical fitness
  • Recovery monitoring

How Inpatient Addiction Treatment Works

  • Abstinence-based
  • Uses the fundamentals of the 12 steps
  • Educational lectures that discuss the nature of drugs and addiction
  • Guided group therapy for open honesty in a safe, supportive environment
  • Individual counseling
  • Professional psychiatric evaluations
  • Peer and self-assessments
  • Conferences with people close to you

With EDGEWOOD's Help, You Can:
  • Recognize your addiction disease and its implications.
  • Learn to cope with your addiction.
  • Identify and pursue changes to live a healthy life.

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Inpatient Care

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